Wine, Brie, history and CV...

I spent some time making my CV "Shine"...its interesting how many formats there are, and different styles depending on where you come from...and as usual, the more people, the more opinions, ant the more "right or wrong"...
I been taking history classes about "västhavet" recently, meaning the ocean between Denmark, Norway and Sweden, it is interesting. Classes held in Norwegian and Danish and swedish, so efficient to cooperate between the nations to offer higher quality on the courses...

Postat av: anon

Dude, your blog relies on and has like 10 million pictures, 10s of picture in every post (which can be great, thx for that), and still you can't get a reasonable camera instead of a potato?

Svar: I can, I checked for a canon mark III today, however, walking around with a system camera constantly is ok, but I might break is sooner or later...When I have time I use a better camera, thanx for your opinion (suggestion).
johan svennung

2012-11-30 @ 19:56:01

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