At Darwin, Australia

After making a transfer in Bali again...the trip continued to Australia, it was really cheap tickets to darwin, which is situated in the Northen Territory, Australia. A tricky thing when buying cheap tickets is that the location might be isolated, however there are alot of backpackers here...But due to rain season, not super many things to do.
The citys seems to have been suffering from the great and second world war. There are some monuments. Except for that it is mostrly nature trips and safari that people seem to do here. There are over 60 national parks in Northern Territory.
Tomorrow I will take the bus south to Alice Springs, and continue to Ayers rock (google it).
It is far more expensive here than in indonesia. but i guess it comes with the territory, the Australian dollar increased alot recently.
All over south east asia it is rain season during some sites are closed...however the temp is about 30...
pics will b uploaded later...
Btw, thanx ronny for the nice hosting in was great!


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