Mold in my room

My classmates told e that I had mold in my closet...
however i couldnt find any when i checked today...
however there is a lot of mold in my room... it smells like shit, i dont understand what my roommates have been doing, but i guess they r use to that their parents take care of them (they r from latino countries, which means highly collectivistic culture, thus mothers suppose to take care of the household...not the others... I went to the janitor
and he took some pics and told me they will deal with it when school starts... I asked for a new temporary room, and got a new key, to a room that also had mold...crazy...taiwanese dorms are made without stupid...

Postat av: mamma

Fy tusan vilket rum!

2012-02-29 @ 20:15:02
Postat av: Anonym


2012-03-14 @ 18:21:52

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