busy days as semesters going to an end

me and my classmate started last night to read an article that we were going to present this morning. we managed to delay our presentation.still we handed in an analysis of the article. tomorrow i have exam, dragon boat practice in the ocean and on thursday i have another two presentations. so busy - so nice. i better start to plan my summer soon. i was checking flightticket to sweden,they r on 8000kr back and forth.im not sure about where or when to come back, that is why i have a delay. i also got interesting experience with asian people here.they r so different from europeans.many taiwanese ppl does not have experience with foreigners, so they treat you like a 5 year old. other acts like 5 year old,which is very interesting and some times entertaining.

Yesterday some guys in my operation management class were selling their "thing" after class...

They r not as customer oriented as I am pablo were...since we gave away parts of (or rather all of) our i-pizzas for people to try...I find many business men here in Asia are more into earning money, than saticfying the cusomter. perhaps it is culture (i know European uniion has strong legislations that makes the cusomer always right, more or less), or other society based factors that makes it like this.
After class I went to burger king.

I ordered extra burgers as usual, It is kind of convenient, since i eat faster then most people, I have food enough to eat during the whole dinner...unitl my friends finish...
Later on I ate hamburger again...

As well as some juice...

Mosburger yet another time...I eat hamburger and pizza almost all the time...it is awesome!


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