second day in singapore

We will buy tickets to bangkok now, passing by malaysia as it seems...(going by bus tomorrow evening)
It is nice here, alittle like hongkong.
Last night I...

...went to a local had cool stores. We were lucky and got a dorm for 13 dollars per night (that is about 60 SEK), and singapore is more expensive than many other asian countries...

They are all celebrating chinese new year here now...they are entering the year of the really felt like eater when passing through the stands that sell chinese new year items...
There after we took a Tiger beer (that is a singapore beer). And then we went back to the dorm.
The second day we went to buy bus ticket to bangkok, we  walked to a thai place where we got it for 85 singapore dollars which is cheap (i think). It is very snmall here, and it is Johan-walking distance everywhere, even though I adapt to my company...
We are really spoiled to have European passports (me and pablo) some other customer was arguing, since they needed visa to all the countries in south east asia, and the countr seemed to be happy to have 2 europeans as customers.."VIP card everywhere" was concluded.
After that we met Norris who is a friend here in singapore.

We wanted her to show us the interesting parts of the city, we went to china town first.
It is very chinese feeling.

When there we went to a Chinese muesum, which was interesting.

Then we went to Malay town, which is a similar thing for the Malay population in singapore.
And we visited a wedding, which was held in a malay temple.
I got a new favourite drink, it is called Sour sup. I must see if they have it in Taiwan.

After that we went to the inner city to check out the sky line.
It was like hongkong, very cool lights...

They had alot of nice achitecture and interesting hotels. This one is suppose to look like a ship. They also have a ferris wheel that is high like the one in london as it seems.

We also saw a hiphop show near the river. The lights made the atmosphere cool.

Then we continued to the lion fish which is a symbol of singapore...
I must say that is it very nice to be here...

We went to the oldest postbox in singapore (since 1873) where i sent some postcards...(pablo and norris is also trying to send something). This one is inside a hotel in the center...Fullerton hotel...very central.
Alos of people were having drinks at one of the many bars that were lined up at the harbor....

We saw some interesting flags at this exclusive hotel (it was in the very center of the city), it was Taiwans, Brazils, Spains and some local flag...
Then we went to a local bar, that brewed their own beer.

Me and pablo couldnt decide which beer to take, but we knew that we must try the spirulins beer (green one). I took it, and pablo took my first choice...a golden one, that tasted like the taiwan locel brewed beer that I tried in the hongkong restaurant in Hsinchu.
so far I can conclude that singapore reminds me of many other Hongkong, Kaochung, Hue, london.


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