Last day on autumn semester

It is friday today...(even if the time just passed 24 to saturday).
I had my last presentation today...the teacher said we did a good job.
Then I had some other meetings...I also tried to get my tax paper from the bike store..but I did not have time (I will do it tomorrow), since I had a group meeting in the evening, and then we went for a dinner, me, some calssmates and one of my teachers...
Now I only have 2 hand ins left. One im working on now, the other I will revise tomorrow, since it was not a super good "red thread" in it.
Then I need to get a backpack or something, since I will go packpacking on sunday...
I guess I have alot of things to do before that, but its long as I have my passport and a creditcard, it is amazing how far u can go...


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