Last days in the philippines...

Now I just said goodbye to my classmates, except 2 of them .We are staying in Manila for another night and tomorrow we will go to Singapore...
We visited companies today and went to asias biggest mall.
it has been great here with my classmates..
Some short memories from my trip so far...

We went to a beach that was hard to reach from land, so we took the boat was fun.

Some people got sea sick, we used asian methods to cure it, by pressing specific spots on the hands, their blood circulation will increase and they will feel better...

We visited 3 companies, one was a coffee farm (that also had some other products). They had the coffee that is know for beeing the most expensive coffee in the world, the same kind that I bought from indonesia some month ago (when an animal shits the coffee beans out), even if it was cheaper here, it was a little strange, since they had more limited amounts of beans at this farm. So it should have been more expensive..., some the group members thinks that it was fake. I bought coffee that I can percolate when I get back to taiwan.

My classmate cory performing some exotic philippino the last night with the group...(im glad i did not do that...even if some ppl tried to get me up on stage...).

He looked almost like Timon, when dancing...and shaking is butt.

Stephen and Pablo, we were looking for books etc at asias larges mall.  I bought sun glasses.
After a dinner here we took of by cab to a hotel, saying goodbye to the other people in our group.
we found a small hostel, tomorrow morning me and pablo are heading for singapore.
it is very humid here, and 30 degs or more.  I guess it will be warmer at tomorrows destination


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