I got a bike.

I got a bike

This is my bike.
Before I bought it I went downtown.

Where I saw one Family mart and one 7-11 side by side, and there was the Giant store.

The staff were adjusting details to fit my proportions...Im not 100% sure they got everything right,, due to that I was big, but more or less...it was ok.

So I kept the phase with the scooters and went to eat hotpot.
I just bought a very cheap locker first (i will buy some better ones later) so that I can park it...

It was an all you can eat hotpot with icecreams and everything...it was nice.

This blur picture shows the closest I have been to a kebabtallrik since I came here...they had kebab, so I just added tomatoes and some sauce (not kebab sauce though).
Then I went back to my lab, and tomorrow is another normal day at school (i have a presentation etc, just like normal) but I have a bike...


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