Bangkok day 2

I spent some time fixing my friends trip, they are leaving for laos, cambodja and south of thailand.

We ate some food, 15 baht, like 3 SEK... (makes even taiwan look expensive, if u dont consider the tourist areas in Thailand)
We spent some time on a tuk-tuk, trying to find cheaper hotel...

It is chaotic...

But the Tuk-tuk can pass by the cars vert it goes faster than a taxi many times.
then we went to see Thaiboxing.

It was interesting...

The fighters of the night...

The audience were screaming...and the atmosphere was good, even the fighters were happy, except one, who were knocked out... People were betting money on the fighters...raising their hands and screaming.
About 11 matches were played during 4 hours.

Then we went to an italian restaurant...

We went to some bar at night...
It was nice, but there are alot of hookers everywhere...that is comes with many places in south east asia, old western guys (50+) haging out with asian girls(30-), money, money...(or B.I.M: a religion at many places here: "Believe In Money")


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