Another day in bangkok

Im went to some markets today. Tried to find a Mickey mouse watch...
I also passed by some travel agency,to find out that it was super expensive to use them... (they charge alot here), i always (after finding somewhere to sleep) try to find my way out of the place i just arrived to to ge a flow in my travell.

We (me and some friends) took the sky train, it was cheap and get to the market

It is on pellars...making the Tuk-Tuk look expensive...

We skimmed though some big malls...but did not have time to check all of them...
We needed to go back to the hotel, since my friends were leaving for Laos.

I tried some interesting McDonalds brain freeze on my way back.
I ended up looking flights and visa issues to burma and nepal online, it seems to be easier than i thought..., since the travel agency said that I needed return ticket from nepal, which is not the case.
I need visa to burma though, 1 to 3 days depending on how long time I am willing to wait...


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