towards bhutan

im sitting at a lounge in nepal (kathmandu airport) my flight to Bhutan has been delayed due to weather.

Strange that it is foggy everyday, still they set departure early in the morning...(also when I arrived the flight was delayed due to weather..)

I had a ticket to the VIP lounge, it seems to be open bar due to that i got a business classic ticket. i sat there wondering why they  put flight in the mornings here (asian logic is strange). at least i could log on to internet by my phone.
it is kind of cold here in kathmandu during night.the hotel windows is hard to close, but im still sweating every now and then... it is just like laos a big contrast between the tourist areas and the other parts of kathmandu. the hotel is in the tamel area and no lights can be turned on in the morning (due to the electricity shut down). roads are damaged, which makes it hard for tuk-tuk lookalike bikes to cycle. moutains can be seen in the horizon but it is more like hills than the himalayas we know about no snow on the tops (thus not as spectacular as münich). the city is poor,it looks alot like ruins.and it is super dirty. trash are covering the river and i wonder if they have any kind of environmental concern at all.the tourist area looks like ko sam road in bangkok. however, the "old town" looks like the kathmandu that most peolpe imagine it. people are nice, even though many are trying to fool u by the classic "pretend to help you for free, and then charge you money". but now i will be in bhutan for a couple of days, all inclusive some says. it is expensive to travel there so i surely assume that is will be ok.


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