Second day in tibet

We are in the second biggest city in Tibet (Shigatse i think the name is) is not as strict here as I heard it should be with foreingers etc...but i guess it might be worse in Lhasa....

I tried some butter tea was ok, just like in Bhutan or Mongolia but more butter...(they has only salt in mongolia)

And then I ate some momo (dumplings in tibet), and some was ok.

I feel that I have use of my chinese here, since they also talk mandarin, even if they prefer their own language...

Today we went to a monastery.

It was a very big one, that famous buddhists use to visit...

At the entrance they sold butter. Many people bought it to sacrifice inside the temple.
The group was informed that we could not take pictures inside the temple.

A long queue of pilgrims was also waiting to enter the temple

After some hours, walking around in the monastery, we were suppos to walk to an old market. We took a way around themonastery, since buddhists always walks clockwise (even if i prefer counter clockwise). And there were many rolls to spinn, as usual in buddhists context. I spinned almost all of them, it was like over thousands...

The tibet people were professionals, they often used gloves.

They also sold mud cases looking like buddha that people put near the rolls.

We walked towards a fort, that almost looked like the one in Lhasa but not that big..some one told me that we couldnt enter that one.

After a lunch we reached the old market.

They have a different way to deal with meat, and hygene her, compare to sweden, letting the meat be on the pavement.

Later on i tried some local beer. It was Barley beer, that I was told was produced in Tibet. It tased like falcon.

The barley brand also had wine, but it tasked like some juice I tried in Taiwan long time ago, almost like maple sirup. Both had under 3,3 % alcohole, so it was like swedish "folköl".

Concerns of the day: How to get back to taiwan, i cant buy tickets yet (since noone know when i will arrive in chang du)...and school starts soon...


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