problem in china

china is a strange country...
now im screwed up, some chinese ppl says something, and others says another thing...
now im in the chinese circle...meaning that different people ordering me to go to different places...
i "gillar laget" as swedish ppl use to say.
there is 2 thoung that is good with super bureucratic countries...
1, you know how lucky u r, living where u do (not as bureaucratic)
2, nothing makes u glader than when the problem gets solved...
i will tell more about the last days when i dont need to sneak in to a phone store and borrow internet.
thanx to Oscar btw, a hotel staff who lended me his phone...
guanxi is strong here, meaning that u dont trust people, but if u some how get personal relationship with somebody, then friendship is stronger than ever.

Postat av: Sara

Hoppas att allt är OK!

2011-02-22 @ 16:13:12

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