Last days of the vacation

I spent the last days of my vacation in Taipei.
I went to Guting nightmarket (or a market near by)

They had alot ot Thai was nice...

I found mickey mouse watches

They were big, just like i want mine, but no mickey mouse arms...

They also offered some strange knife massage nearby...

I ended the day by watching "Sanctum" that was in 3D.

Next day I ate breakfast at IKEA...

Then I took the bus up to YangmingShan national was alot of traffic, it took more than 1 hour and the traffic was still for about 30 minutes...

Many scooters was filling the roads, poluting the air..

At the national park there were cherry blossom...

And many tais was here to see it, it is a long weekend now, due to some historical thing that happend, and made monday a holliday...

The trees here looked almost like home at my parents house (enlightened)

They also had nice fountains.

After this I went to an All-you-can-eat hotpot

I started with icecream as usual, they had many interesting flavours
After this I went to a bar with some friends who lives in sweden.

The day after I ate breakfat at a place near the taipei main station, which was famous for their waffles...

I saw an interesting add doll for some medicine.

Then I went ti Ximen...they have alot of stores...

There I saw some cool motocycles...they reminded me of them I saw in Singapore...many people were there taking photos of them.
After this I went back to Hsinchu, tomorrow is school.


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