Last days in Tibet

The last night in Lhasa was spent walking around the potala palace...we also saw the nice spotlights enlightening the palace

I tried some typical ibet food after that....tasted like dew

And a dry coconut cake as dessert

During the night, other group members discussed how much tip they should give the guide, some ppl thought nothing others 10% of the trip price which is alot...

During the night a painting fell down on the floor, it was very strangely attached to the wall. The greedy manager accused me, fordcing me to pay it without any evidence...I gues the greed had reached to tibet as well...(the guy on the pic is the greedy manager)

The train station in Lhasa was anyway famous, and in some sense modern.

Alot of space in the perron

And the landscape was the same for a long time...

A little snow and alot of sand

Yaks could be seen at many places, no wonder that meat is so popular here

The worlds highest lake...

Kids was running around in the train (this one had a Pamu jacket, typical chinese style to copy copy)

The Chinese version of Puma...

We had to sleep on the hard seats...

Day 2 the snow disapeared but still tha same landscape.

It was forbidden to smoke, and they had signs and speakers informning, but still asia is a very authority driven country, meaning that people who has the right attitude can do whatever they like...

It took 42 hours from Lhasa to Chengdu (in Sichuan province) so strange that there were so many rumors about the time...


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