Finally in Lhasa

Today I went to Lhasa (3600 meters a.s.l), Lhasa is the Tibet I heard about, agressive police and militairy present...(big contrast to other cities in Tibet, where I experienced nicer atmosphere)
Another thing about this country (china) is that the currency Yuan is 1 to 1 with SEK, so it is easy to calculate and compare prices.

(spending almost 8 hours in the bus), Leaving Gyante at 8, taking my seat at the back as usual, since there is more space there for the legs...

The landscape is the same...cold dry and rocky...

We passed by one of the largest ponds in Tibet, made for water power...

Since it is cold here, there is is in the pond, it ia subzero every night here....but it is warm in the bus, so i stick with the shorts.

We also passed by a holy mountains, since a goddess lives is about 7190 meters hight...

One cultural thing with china is that they often shit togetter, compare to home, where toilets usually are isolated...

We also passed by some glaciers...

And the second largest lake in Tibet. Tibetians dont eat fish, since they need to kill more individuals then, than it they kill a yak or a cow.

They had some dead animals at a momument near the lake bank.

Before we reached Lhasa we probably stopped 10 times...many people thought it was cold out side, and some are sick due to the high altitude...
I also think that the roads are crap.

But the views are nice.
Our hotel here in Lhasa is really cool. with a nice yard and interesting interior design.


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