Dealing with ticket refund...

I have my group friend in taiwan today.
I was having some courses, but since it is add and drop I just attended shortly, I will decide which ones to take next week.
The NCTU course system seems weird, since I cannot enter it, and I am not signed up for any courses according to the portal...even though I signed up for all courses last time i loged in...why is there always so many errors here?
after class I went to Taipei to Thai airways office, and we got refund for the cancelled ticket (2500 out of 3000 SEK).
Then we went to IKEA...

I ate meat balls drank about 8 cups of soft drink...and bought coffee and chocolate...and some flädersaft...
Then we went to Taipei 101...
I looked for a DC comics store...since I found it in Bangkok by chance...but did not find any in the shopping district at Taipei city hall..
then i took the bus back to hsinchu...

Im happy there were not mokus passengers on the bus...since they might have caused trouble...whatever Mokus means (there are always alot of strange translations here in asia)


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