3rd day in Kathmandu

Electricity is still working some hours per day...when time turns 18 it is dark.and it feels super late.

You cannot really see mountains fro kathmandu, but if u climb a local hill, you can glance the higher summits in the horizon...

(or from an airplane), one can conclude that is it rather far to the high peaks from kathmandu...

My phone cannot log on to all the "free wifi" that the restaurants offer...so buying tickets etc online is harder here...
Tomorrow it is Bhutan, bybusiness class, (since all the other seats were full).
It is old town on todays schedule in kathmandu.

This is the travel agency...they are tricky, and greedy, and charged overprice...it wan not nice...

the first day at kathmandu a guy from a "tourist organisation" approached, he seemed to be "neutral" but it turned out that he  brought people to his own hotel (but the price was ok). then he gave a travel guy the new commers him as customers..so they all earned alot of money...

btw, this guy (on the pic) is at the highest cast...the sherpas are the lowest...they use cast her in nepal.

the time zone here is GMT = +5.45, thus a little warped compare to the rest of the world.
pics will be uploaded when im at a computer that works...

people here drive motorcycles as tais drive scooters, honda, kawasaki etc is blowing their horns on the small paths of the city. a city that looks like ko san road in bangkok plus a poor city in ruins plus as we think kathmandu should look like (refering to the old town).


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