Spring break

I just came back from a 5 days spring break.
I started on saturday, by heading south to Sun moon lake...
On the way i passed a big factory for burning waste...

It seemed to be the biggest in Taiwan and reminded me about Aspedalens factory in Gothenburg.

I also passed Taiwan's "Globen", here it looks alittle blur...due to high speed of the car I took it from...

This is Globen in Stockholm.
After some hours we reached sun moon lake.

Built by the japanese, and famous among Chinese people this lake is populair... (taiwan doesnt have that many lakes).

I've been here once before...but this time I took a cable car up some mountains...they cars had 3 different colours, blue, red and yellow.
It offered a good view over the lake.
The calbe took us to the middle of nowhere..., but from there we could buy an extra tricket to enter a theme park. While wondering what to do. I bought a pumpkin baozi...

It was said to be local...so it was good (local food is always good)

The park had a nice garden...and some attractions.

I tried to avoid the spinning ones and the ones that made me to wet. I tried the roller coaster, if was fun.

They also had some places representing different parts of the world (which is very common here in Taiwan among the theme parks,like maya, arabic, african etc).

They also played some local instruments...(belonged to aborigines).

One countrys site had this big dick. Perhaps it was bhutan, turkey or Sun moon lake (only in these 3 places I've seen the dick in this shape (and size).

At night local food was served...fish and prawns.

As usual, the Tai people were burning fake money in some can.

This is the car that drove me around the trip.
After sun moon lake we were heading for Kenting...on our way there we had to pass some mountains...

And we passed some wineyards...
The grapevines ar often placed horizontal here in taiwan, to increase the sun exposial...and probably also make the wine sweeter.
We tried some Tai food after a while up in the mountains, like Gongbao jiding (some spicy chicken dish that has tha colours of red, yellow and green, and often has peanus, but not this time).

As usualy we also got many small disches to share...(typical taiwanese style).

We also visited a hotspring...this one did not have some many temperatures (that many other hot springs has), but it was exotic since it was far away from home, up in the mountains).
After some more hours of travel we reached

Ofcourse we visited IKEA. The restaurant just closed when we arrived, but I bought some chocolate the shop.

Later on we went to Smokey Joe's, a place I never think I visited before...(it is like an american bar).

I found a beer I could not recall that I tried before. It was ok, but a little bitter.
I treid their "greatest cheese burger", it reminded me of the burgerhoods burger in Taipei.

We also passed the love river, that goes through the city. Kaohsiung is a very nice city, not as hectic as taipei, but still big ehough to have many fun things to do.

The street signs are also enlighted...which is very clever.
Later on we continued to Kenting...there we partied on the beach until morning...

I borrowed a tent from some friends, and sleeping bags etc from the mountain climbing club at NCTU. So we used them the next morning (it is a cheap way of living when trvelling in taiwan)

I also saw a monkey climbing trees in Kenting...that was exotic...and it made some local street dogs go crazy...barking alot.

The beach in kenting becomes very dirty since alo of drunk people parties there... by night it is a dancefloor and by day it is a place for families to hang out. (I met many friends from school here, only foreingers)

By night we went to an intersting bar in the small town...with drag show...(but we missed the show by some minutes...
Later on we hanged out at the beach again...
The day after we went snorkeling.

The beach was almost empty due to the bad weather...

But since im from the west cosat of sweden, there is not that many kinds of weather to cry about...
So I rented equipment and went looking for funny looking fishes...(and also visited the rock that you can see in the background of this pic).

I also tried some pizza (an hawaii pizza that was really good), bought from a mobile pizzeria.

I also passed by a famous mobile bar in Kenting...and I went cycling on the super small bikes there that they use to have for competition...

A funny thing here in taiwan is the promotion of the "Always open" image of 7-11...
It was a pity that the 7-11 where we happend to hang out at, closed.... :S
The day after we went for breakfast at a place that was famous in kenting (margeritas)

I had a USA like breakfast..., it was all you can drink juice and coffee, but I was about go drive back home today so I did not want to go to toilet to often...

This day was a sunny day. So we went to the beach some minutes and took some pictures...
After that I went all the way home to Hsinchu...
Tomorrow school starts.

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