waiting for the rain...

I went to the supermarket near school, while waiting fot the rain so start...
I got the Happy Go Card, which is often used here...in taiwan...

Happy Go card....or "black fured dog card" (黑皮狗 "hei pi gou") as the taiwanese people say, since they just copy the pronunciation to the most closes chinese words...
i also found some new wines that i never tried before (taiwanese wine), so i bought one bottle...
it is sometimes confusing here in taiwan, since the taiwanese people often use the word "wine" instead of the word Alcohol...so some times they say they dont want wine...when meaning they dont want beer... etc

Later in the evening I went to hotpot at a restaurant near school. Hotpot means that you put slices of meat and fish togetter with vegetables and mushrooms and other tai-things in boiling water (with some initial spices)... the pot is on the table (each person usually gets his/her own pot), then you eat it with rice or noodles... This one was an "all you can eat" for only 198NT (50sek). So it was cheap.

GMBA students to the left and their room mates to the right, was the ones who joined up.
After this we went to a supermarket, to check for some items...but did not find what we were looking for. So we went for beer.

They dont sell beer at campus...so we dropped by a 7-11 near by...
since i dont like beer that much i tried a new one i never seen before (i think).

"Taiwan Long Chuan Beer" (perhaps produced in china) was a draft beer, tasted like Budweiser.
Then we went back to campus. Tomorrow it is school again...

Postat av: SS

Tja. Läser du inte din mail så ofta? Det är valdag i Sverige. Anna skulle ha kommit till Sthlm men blev krasslig. Jag passar på att shoppa istället för att träffa henne. Vi köpte lägenhet i fredags. Var d Flo rida du såg? Kram

2010-09-19 @ 11:30:49
Postat av: Anonym

jag laser mailen ofta...hur sa?

ja vet att d e valdag...aven om manga redan postrostat etc...

ja, d var flo rida...(laser du inte min blogg?) :P

2010-09-19 @ 16:27:52

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