Tomato Sauce war

I was suppose to go for a trip to Taipei this saturday...but due to to much lack in the information about the trip i needed to cancel it...
Instead I decided to particiapate in a Tomato Sauce War at the beach near Hsinchu. Me and my friends planned to buy white clothes, which we did at the local supermarket.

It was hard to find white clothes...but we bought the whitest they had.
Then we took of to the beach.

It was further away than i thought, it took like 20 mins with scooter.

I needed to wear a helmet when driving the scooter. Togetter with my new wafers it maked me feel like one of the members in Village people. But it is nice to be in Taiwan, here i never feel embarrased...

This is out warrior outfit at the tomato sauce war. Everyone got some ketchup bottles before the fight (I also bought some from the supermarket). Then we entered a "war zone", and the fight began...

Almost 50 people participated in the war. and it lasted 10-20 minutes i think. and afterwards I had ketchup in my eye, ears and nose...
We took a swim in the ocean afterwards, but I could not get rid of all the sauce...

Later on some people had BarBQ on the beach. Many foreingers participated in the event (most of them from South Africa). We brought extra that we didnt need to drive back totally red.
After this we went back to the campus, since it was BarBQ party there for international students.

There were alot of food at this barBQ, where we spent the rest of the night.

I also tried a new "Kinin" beer (japanese). IT was very bitter, and also a limited edition, like the other one from the same brand i tried last week. And it was strong (6%).
I finished the day by taking a shower at my dorm, finally getting rid of the last ketchup...

Postat av: sherry

it looks not nice to me. anyway, be happy ur trip.

2010-09-26 @ 06:50:00
Postat av: Sara Svennung

Såg bilderna på facebook och blev rädd under en millisekund när jag såg dig! Trodde det var blod...

2010-09-29 @ 15:52:19

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