Tai logic (part 1)

Hmm. sometimes tai logic can be very strange.Today we asked a guy at the sportshall how to find the badminton court on campus. he told us that it is at the second floor in the same building...
well at the second floor they were playing tennis, and the tennis player said that the basement is the badminton floor... (this is taiwan in a nutshell) (the first guy could just have said "I dont know", instead he gave us a random floor, same reason why i needed to spend 2 hours finding the ChineseLanguageCenter in the NTHU campus last week)
Another thing is that tai people do things for no reason. It is forbidden to weigh yourself with shoes at the gym at campus, but no one who i asked, could tell me why.

At the elevators on campus they have buttons with arrows showing: "going up" or "going down". 8 cm below they have the same buttons for handicapped people. Are handicapped people in Taiwan 8 cm shorter?

Postat av: Kai

The handicapped can touch the buttom when sitting on the wheel chair.

2010-09-23 @ 17:46:03
Postat av: johan

yes, just like in sweden. but in sweden we we have only 1 button set for everyone to reach....(same height as the handicapped buttons in taiwan).

Else I am absolutely sure that that wheel chairs cant reach 1 meter above ground (instead of 94 cm) where the normal buttons are...

my point is that it is almost the same height, and it feels like they just but the buttons there (to show that they have some extra buttons for disables people)

2010-09-23 @ 18:45:16
Postat av: Martina

Hahaha!! :D I wanted to weigh myself at the gym yesterday and the staff just paniked "TAKE OF YOUR SHOES!!!!" lol......

2010-09-24 @ 05:16:37
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