Little Saturday

I was invited by some Swedish exchange students to join them to Taipei. I invited people from my class, but perhaps they dont have the concept of Little Saturday in their home country (Little Saturday=Wednesday, since saturday invited you to stay up late, u tend to go out for clubbing, the same events happends on the wednesdays aswell).

We did not take the same bus company as I use to do, so we waited for the bus for atleast 20 minutes...
In Taipei we where heading for Roxy 99.
Finally there we needed to take taxi to reach the final destination...
well at the club area we met Fredrik and Lars who was members of the Chalmers Asia Office some years before my year. We mingeled around outside a 7-11 store, before entering Roxy.

At the club there were mostly foreingers...
they played mostly indie pop and some other rock...(instead of the R&B + hiphop that they always play on all the other clubs).
as a coincidence they played The knifes - Silent Shout ( ...which is a swedish song...and a very good the club.
Later on we went out to eat dumplings...and after that some people wanted to go home...(rumors has it that they cancelled all the bus trips during night time from taipei to Hsinchu, so we needed to take taxi)
Since four of the guys suddenly took of in a cab, we found ourselves being five people left...which often is trouble, since 4 people is the limit in the cabs, but it was a friendly taxi driver... but it became crowded in tha back...

we sqeezed in tight...and the others in the back fell asleep...
The driver was kind of worried to get a fine, if the police found out that we where to many people in the car...

But we agreed with the driver that one of us would hide in case of a pull over...
Martin sacrificed himself to laying down, hiding from people seeing him...after some hours taxi ride..we came back to hsinchu... tomorrow it is school again.
when waking up, the day after....and after taking class, I helped my Swedish friend finding sport shoes in swedish sizes...but it is hard...
just some 46... but not the same kind that my friend wanted...

Postat av: Anonym

there is a shoes store downtown near the temple 城(chéng)隍(huáng)廟(miào) called "我(wǒ)要(yāo)買(mǎi)鞋(xié)子(zǐ)"

I am not sure but maybe you can check it out, or else you can have the clerk to order one for you.

Otherwise, you'll have to buy one on the web.

2010-09-19 @ 05:59:21

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