Flo Rida in Taipei

The (in taiwan) world famous singer Flo Rida* visited Club Luxy in Taipei this friday. Me and some friends went there pretty early in order to get tickets...
we left Hsinchu already about 17,

Just buying a beer at 7-11. Then taking the bus right before (or during) rush hour...

It was not that hard to get the tickets after all..., we found ourselves getting there to early...but using the extra time to eat some local food. Usually we do not know what we order...we just point at some random dish on the menu...

We where hoping that David Guetta would come as well, since the posters mentioned his name as well. But Guetta did never show up. And it took some hour before Mr Rida showed up. We stayed at the trance dance floor while waiting, (most tai people stay at the RnB floor)

Finally he he came...and a bunch of other rappers...
Throwing T-shirts, squirting champange and riding tha back of his guards around on the dance floor.

There is a typhoon approaching taiwan...which is interesting, perhaps there is no school on monday.

The day after i went to the movie with some friends...

they show "the girl who played with fire" (a swedish movie by Stieg Larsson) here in Taiwan.
But we saw a very funny film called "piranha"...

It was in 3D...

We also went for restaurant (japanese) where they had swedish garlic pressers...
* - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLwvc5Qywzk&feature=fvst


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