Sweden is a democracy and had election yesterday...
seems according to the media that it is chaos in the government and parliament.
the upcoming time might be interesting to observe...

There is also a free bus from my school in to taipei...
the problem is that it is hard to interpret the time table (even the tai who i got it from did not know...)
But it seems that the bus leaves from my university 3 times per day
Hsinchu(nctu)       to       Taipei
7.30                              10.10*
15.30                            17.40*
20.00                            22.00 (taipei main station)

Taipei         to                Hsinchu(nctu)
10.20*                          13.10
12.40*                          14.50
* - (some campus)
Now I just need to take it some confirm that it is true...

I ended the school day with Marketing Management class (18.30 to 21.20)
After this we went for a beer....(and some milk cake)

Switzerland, Spain, Chile, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia and Japan (not in pic), sitting outside campus at the nearest 7-11.
Later on a German guy joined, who we did not know...but he turned out to be my room mate for the night (an old friend with my french room mate)

The beer of the evening was a japanese (limited edition) Autumn beer (6%), kind of strong bitter taste...
It is some festival on wednesday, meaning that there is no school. So there is alot of activites going on...
How about that.....

Postat av: Martina

that's just awesome with a free bus :D

2010-09-20 @ 15:17:30

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