17 in an elevator...

Here in Taiwan people are smaller than in europe... usually it says like "1000kg or 15 people" instead of "1000kg or 10 people" After class 17 students squeezed in to an elevator...on our way to the dining hall

I did not get a pic in the elevator...my cam is to slow :( But I will buy a new one...some time..)
Being more than 5-6 people can be tricky during rush hours at the food courts...
But we managed to get a table, trying some taiwanese hamburger
after school my classmates had an event, down town.

Due to that it is some chinese holliday this wednesday, we dont have class. We visited an "all u can eat - KTV"
I ended the day with a "meeting" eating korean food.

It reminded me of the Kimchi I made back in sweden this spring.


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