Strange food at school

There are 3 big food courts at school.
I try to change the place from day to day...
They have funny things on the menu...usually I just point on a random dish and hope to get a thing that is eatable...

"Tribute pill soup" is one interesting dish.

"Halogen meat food" is enlightening your day....

"Canadian Smoked Bacon screw surface" is good, you can to whatever you want with it, the surface is allready screwed when you get it, so it looks the same anyway...

Postat av: Martina supercat Johansson

HAHAHA :D Detta är så kul!!! :D

"canadian smoked bacon screw surface" har jag testat.... blev JÄVLIGT besviken, de va en stor tallrik skruvmakaroner.....fifan

2010-10-26 @ 12:28:07
Postat av: Anka

They look horrible XD

2010-10-29 @ 09:17:53

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