Long break on mondays

Every monday I have morning class and evening class...
this means that between 12.00 and 18.30 I have time to do other things...
Today I red and wrote articles.
We need to summarize articles in my class "Organizational behaviour", which was the article i red.
I am asked to write articles about what happends in my program, which was the article i wrote.
I will buy a better camera soon. I think if I combine my purchase with an indomestic trip, I can get tax reduction...my friends will try to do this tomorrow...

My GMBA program has decided that all the students must do internship at a company. anywhere except in the home country of the student...
So I am starting to consider my options...preferably a managment consultant firm...preferably a job where I get to travell, I can probably take whatever job...

Now it is time for dinner.


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