I got a stamp

In taiwan they use stamps...instead of signatures, as more or less the rest of the world is using...
Service-minded banks usually let their customer use their signature when dealing with bank businesses. But if you get a taiwanese scholarship, you must use the conservative post bank, which does not support anything else than a stamp.

This is my stamp, saying my Chinese name.
Lucky me, who has my chinese name on my ARC (VISA), so that I actually can use my stamp. Some of my friends needs to buy a new stamp, with their normal name, since it is not ok to have different name on the stamp  compare to the ID...
The use of the stamp itself I dont understand...since it is very easy to produce many stamps (read: fake anothers signature).

Postat av: duck

there are two other common "fonts" beside the one you use, 隸書(lì shū) and 小篆(xiǎo zhuàn). They are more cool :D

I think you need to have a manually cut stamp to prevent fake ones

2010-10-15 @ 18:59:27
Postat av: Johan

ok, hmm...it is a pity, they never asked which font we wanted...but i am satisfied anyway...

manually stamp is my signature :P

2010-10-16 @ 08:01:51

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