GMBA dinner and movie

I had a late class today. After that class me and some classmates went to a hotpot near school

There was not enough seats for all of us at the same table, so we needed to sit at separate places. It became more or less one table for foreigners and one for taiwanese students. We had a great time..., we used our european irony, which not always gets understood by asians...and it becomes very funny...
After this we went to school to watch a movie... unfortunetely a guy kicked us out from the classroom where we planned to see the movie in. It looked like we needed to cancel the movie session. But then we found a nice conference room on an other floor.

We saw Idiocracy.
The typhoon that crossed the Phillippines are heading towards china...but it might change direction towards many trips are cancelled. I was suppose to go with my chinese class to a place called "gree grass lake" tomorrow. Perhaps we will postpond it.


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