End of week 3

I just ate at hotpot.

It was Ice cream included, in different colors...

I finished with an american dark beer.
Im uncertain about next weeks homework...I better check it... all I know is that I have alot of articles to read :S
Even if I have been in the country for more than a month. I have:
1) No VISA (it suppsoe to take 2 weeks, but things goes super slow in this area)
2) No Health insurance card
3) not all the course books
4) no bike
5) not been to an All-you-can-drink
6) not been to any sushi-all-you-can -eat
7) no response about if I can buy a football to the GMBA program

My roommate found the "Goteborg" nightclub in Hsinchu...that is some progress atleast...

Postat av: Duck

you can try out 鯨魚燒烤(jīng yú shāo kǎo) on 慈雲路(cí yún lù) next time. It's a grill with all you can drink beer

photos: http://tinyurl.com/2envwdu

address: 新竹市慈雲路68號

2010-10-05 @ 17:05:21

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